This outline overview: is to propose an evaluation for a method to rebuild a path for independent talent, musicians, bands and groups to succeed in the entertainment business while retaining their independence in an industry dominated by mega corporate control. In the “old days”, the success of entertainers came from night club dates, concert exposure, radio play and touring as an act opening for major concert productions for 5,000 to 25,000 attendee shows. This gave these independent, (unsigned acts) the opportunity to perform their original material, promote their CDs, merchandise and standard swag items. This exposure helped them add radio stations to play their music, an absolute necessity to musical exposure and ultimate record “deal”. Today, record “deals” CD, DVD and download music is 80 + percent controlled by the music industry giants, Live Nation, Clear Channel, Another Planet, etc. The U.S industry generated $4.898 billion in 2015. World total 2015, $15 billion.