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Not sure yet how I am going to build this page. I graduated Lewiston, Maine high school in 1964 at 18. I think my first big concerts during those times in 1968 were Jimi Hendrix and 1969 Janis Joplin with Big Brother & the Holding Company, the instruments, horns, saxes, etc. were awesome. During high school, all four years, I was in the school marching band, we were plus 110 members. Our big stage came in 1964, our band, from a city of about 38,000 people came in number two, at the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C. This was a big deal for our little marching band. I also spent my Jr. and Sr. year in the school jazz band, The Tempomen.

Shortly after school, I continued with several classmates in a multiple number of bands playing hundreds of gigs, banquets, weddings, night clubs, etc. My bands and as a member of other bands I played in groups through 1985 when I left Maine to work on a computer typesetting program in Idaho, then, onto Reno, Nevada. My last weekly gig in Maine was 12 years at the historic Poliand Spring Resort with the Bob Bedard band, with Betty Cote, RCA country artist, and the mother of LENNY BREAU, one of the best finger style guitarists to ever walk on the planet.

A couple of the photos below my Liverpool Gas Company band was the opening act. We got these gigs through Bobby Selberg, Maine's most proflic concert promoter at the time. He booked most of the acts at the Old Orchard Beach Pier, including Liberace. Others at Portland City Hall, James Brown, Peter Paul & Mary. We also opened for The UK Dave Clark Five and the Cyrkle.

Back to concerts, I will have to research on how I might locate the poster info on the shows that came through Maine. I remember when I moved to Idaho, and then Reno in 1985 I left my original Hendrix poster in the basement of my Maine home. The next project will be to either photo or scan some 60 tickets and BACK STAGE passes. From 1996 through 2000, I worked on stage at Harrah's Sammy's Showroom, and then went to the Silver Legacy as an Audio Video Technican for a multitude of trade shows, concerts and events. I retired in 2006, but, continue today only a few concerts a year as a RUNNER for the Reno Events Center, 7,500 seat multipurpose trade show, basketball and concert facility. At 72, the exercise is helpful and still a bit fun to be in the game.

The Concert Production Runner
When I retired from full-time work in 2006 from the casino industry as an audio-video tech, I wanted to continue to dabble in the concert world. Always interested in the progression of high-end audio sound systems, mixing consoles, video, stage rigging, etc. Locally, the Reno Sparks Convention & Visitors Authority manages a 7,500 seat convention – concert facility, the Reno Event Center. So, I signed on as a Production Runner, (expediter, a high-end errand runner). The motto of this gig is, don’t come back until you have “IT”. Just like the road crew for a concert tour, a runner is the first one to arrive at the venue and the last one to leave after the trucks are loaded and the crews are ready to go.  Many times the runner picks the bus driver up at the hotel when it's time to leave. You have to be ready for a challenging task. (In 1983, I found someone to tune Rick Wakeman’s keyboards on a Sunday afternoon). Other duties were things like finding a certain shampoo, hairdryer, taking the performers bored children sightseeing, finding certain kinds of food that they didn't have in that area, picking a performer up at the airport charter or commercial . . . always a different menu of “running”! Today, 2018 at 72, I hand them my card, “Senior Runner”, and most chuckle.

Concerts go back 45 years, 1973 with Roger Earl in Foghat, we are still in touch today. The early days, working with Andy Govatsos, Bill Cloutier and Ruffino & Vaughn concerts I printed the backstage passes, YES, ELP, Asia, Jackson Brown, Aerosmith, BB King, The Amboy Dukes, Atlanta Rhythm Section, dozens. Running this current decade . . . Reba, Stevie Nicks, Joe Bonamassa, Carrie Underwood, Dolly Parton, Lady Antebellum, Tool, Demi Lovato, Motley Crew, Gabriel Iglesias, Toby Keith, Jeff Dunham, Brad Paisley, Toby Mac, RL Grime, Cindy Lauper & Rod Stewart.

My surprise of the decade!

I have seen many entertainers in my 72 years. With the music changes after the 70s & 80s I had given up on young talent. On 09-11-18 in Reno, NV I saw an entertainer I never heard off, who, amazingly gave me a 180-degree turnabout on young talent. Not only his vocals and backup singers, but, every personnel in his band. If you have a detailed appreciation for real music, you must see Mr. Jason Mraz! Listen for yourself, a couple of his AWESOME songs, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9P-680IQcf8 and this one for the most part says it all: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8xW2nkGMMw .

His YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/jason%20mraz . Apparently “I” have been in the dark the past 20 years, as his audience was from teenagers, dancing and singing to 60 year olds listening with wonder, as “I”!

GJD - Jason Mraz Awesome talent!


Per the memo above, 70, 80s were many of my listening years. Mr. Collins is about 5 years younger than I. One of our best shows ever, Gary & Ellen Duarte.

Phil Collins August 30, 2004 HP Pavilion, San Jose, CA

1.             Drums, Drums & More Drums
2.             Something Happened on the Way to Heaven
3.             Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)
4.             Don't Lose My Number
5.             You'll Be in My Heart
6.             One More Night
7.             I Can't Stop Loving You (Though I Try) Leo Sayer cover
8.             Hang in Long Enough
9.             True Colors (Cyndi Lauper cover)
10.           Come With Me
11.           A Groovy Kind of Love (The Mindbenders cover)
12.           I Missed Again
13.           Another Day in Paradise
14.           Misunderstanding (Genesis song)
15.           No Way Out
16.           Separate Lives (Stephen Bishop cover)
17.           In the Air Tonight
18.           Dance Into the Light
19.           You Can't Hurry Love (The Supremes cover)
20.           Two Hearts
21.           Wear My Hat
22.           Easy Lover (Philip Bailey cover)
23.           Sussudio

24.           It's Not Too Late
25.           More Drums
26.           Take Me Home


Yup, I was there!



Some "history" with Roger Earl and Foghat

Roger Earl Lewiston, ME 1973

Roger, Maine 1973

During our startup visit, I met Roger at his next gig in NYC, at Loews Midtown Regency, when we went to the lobby next morning, we bumped into Rod Stewart. In 2018 I worked a show for Rod in Reno, as his Production Runner.

Karen, Delaney, Roger, Toby

Foghat at Sparks, Nugget 2016 Kelly, & Grandson Ashton

Roger and Grandson Toby

Our family Foghat wine tasting, don't remember when,
it must have been good? :)
Roger Earl Foghat
Roger Earl, FOGHAT our house Lewiston, ME 1973
This was pretty much the beginning of our long-time friendship with Roger. Like many groups of the day, they toured many days of the year. I can't believe it now, but, after their gig in Lewiston, I talked Roger and David into having our own jam session. We grabbed some gear out of their truck and went to the old Bliss College, jammed til about 4 AM. During these days we were doing coffee house music sessions between Bliss & Bates College.

Roger Earl

Roger Earl Foghat Nugget 2016 GJD Den

In 2016 Roger had an extra day in Reno, so, Sunday we got to gether for lunch, ran him around town a little, stopped in at the Reno Event Center, where I run on occasion.

Roger Earl - GJD

Roger Earl Foghat Nevada & GJD 1985

Ellen Jon
Jon Anderson YES Ellen Duarte

Website: https://www.fluffyguy.com/

GJD-Toby Mac 2016
Felix Rascals
Felix Cavaliere The Rascals AUG 2004
Website: https://www.felixcavalieremusic.com/
Crissy Hynde
Crissy Hynde The Pretenders Reno 2017
Website: http://thepretenders.com/
Website: http://www.coleswindell.com/

Cyrkle Portland ME 1966
1966 Portland, Maine City Hall, CYRKLE

The Cyrkle were the only U.S. band managed by the Beatles manager, Brian Epstine. Their hits were, Red Rubber Ball and Turn Down Day. Our Lewiston, Liverpool Gas Company band was their openinng act.

Liverpool Gas Co
Maine, The Liverpool Gas Company, Dingley's house
While on stage crew, Sammy's Showroom, Harrah's Reno
Paul Revere Raiders
While on stage crew, Sammy's Showroom, Harrah's Reno
Website: http://paulreveresraiders.com/
I drove for the Cowsills when they were in Maine
Website: http://cowsills.com/home/

Blue Oyster Cult Satin

Northeast Concerts
J Geils
DC Five
Center, L to R Bobby Selberg, Gary Duarte, Dave Clark

Cyrkle Lewiston, Maine 1966

Bill Medley
Gary, Ellen, Bill Medley
Leann Rimes
Center Leann Rimes, daughter Karen, Mike,
grandson Toby / Reno 2000

Reba, 2005-Reno, she sends a vidio shooter around town for local happening spots, Univ. of Nevada, etc.
Plays video during a song dedicated to the local town.

Lady Antebellum
Charles Kelley Lady Antebellum MAR 2014
Chicago, Rock for the Cure, Reno, MAR-2014
Chicago, Rock for the Cure, Reno, MAR-2014

Lewiston, Maine, High School, Marching Band 1964
This band worked "really" hard, coming in 2nd in the WA D.C. National Cherry Blossom Festival.

Steve Howe ASIA Portland Maine, 1983

Steve Howe, YES MAR-2013, Reno
Today YES Website: http://yesworld.com/

YES MAR-2013, Reno with Grandson Toby

YES Rick Wakeman San Jose

YES Alan White, Reno

YES Alan White, San Jose