This is where things are going to get interesting. We all know that politics worldwide are in an uproar. Bureaucrats who are fully imbedded are unable to look into the box from the outside and this does not provide a resolution to the gridlock.

On our trip to Belize I was very intrigued to learn about this "movement" which seems to be potentially mobilizing in Belize. "What if" we all began considering the potential of a "Christian based" political entity? Interestingly Belize has been establishing (through many missionary visits over the years) a substantial number of "Christian Schools" which have helped moved this society in a direction of moral principals. These are the principals we have to return to with society worldwide.

Belize Reform Party - BRP 2013

With God in the Center and with His Anointing, All Things are Possible

The formation of a political system that centers tightly around Christian principles is being tossed about. Many Belizeans feel that the more that God, Prayer, and Biblical direction are implemented — "Only then will peace and prosperity reign". How can we come to terms in Belize with murder, super bond deadlines, corruption of all types, higher electrical costs, unemployment -poverty , huge national debt , to name a few of the problems facing the people of Belize.

Deuteronomy 8:18-19 "Always remember that it is the Lord your God who gives you the power to be successful. But if you forget about the Lord your God and follow evil ways, you certainly shall perish, just as He has caused other nations in the past to perish". Our only hope is to replace the Babylonian system of crime, greed and corruption with the Christian way, which is based on sowing, reaping, sharing and living the 10+2 commandments. Only by recognizing the sovereignty of God will Belize become that safe and prosperous haven that God planned for it to be.

A New Belize Reform Party (BRP)
(just a small smattering of ideas - all of the issues will need to be dealt with)

1. Many people are saying that change is our country's only hope. We would create a new party with specially selected candidates to be chosen for each of the 31 constituencies. Our goal would be to remove denominational capes that keep Christians from coming together because of fairly minor differences. To believe in the Bible, the Trinity and the road to Salvation should be the basis of priorities for the BRP.

2. A BRP candidate should be a strong biblical believer who takes care of his or her family for eg. One wife/husband, time for his/her children ,adheres to biblical principles, is a community activist to some degree, attempts to be responsible with his/her finances , careful of his/her personal intake habits , wishes to live under a government system that proclaims fairness , transparency and accountability.

3. Include at least 7 to 10 women candidates in the 31 constituencies. This could be done by simple lottery selection process.

4. The Nation- State of Belize needs to adopt business friendly regulations and sort out government departments that seem to be caught up in political weariness — consider going back to permanent secretaries to assist Ministers of Government instead of the existing CEOs who are unable to provide checks and balances for the Ministry — consider reducing the number of Ministries as an economic saving concept. Protect the people's Social Security savings fund — wise and safer investments.

5. The Government must consider balancing income against expenses — when you continue to increase borrowing eventually a large share of the revenues go to only pay interest and an economic disaster follows eg. Super bond (accounts payable — BTL and BEL) to name a few problems.

6. We start with a small Christian leadership base to establish a BRP platform — the three legged stool (church, business, and government). Then a group would be established in each constituency that would search out leadership to organize the BRP in that constituency. That group would elect leaders and eventually select a candidate. Of course that group would have representation in the center core BRP party.

Proverbs 3: 5-6 "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own