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LENNY BREAU: Nothing has ever moved me as much in the music world as seeing and hearing LENNY BREAU playing his custom made 7 string jazz guitar. For anyone who has never heard of him Amazon carries several of his CD albums. For a decade before I moved to Nevada in 1985 I played a 40s music gig at the historic Poland Spring Inn in Maine with the Bob Bedard Band. The lead singer was Betty Cody, Lenny's mother. On a couple occasions when he was on vacation visiting his mom from LA he would come to the Inn and sit-in for a couple tunes as his moms gig. The Lord gave this man a talent that only a few will ever understand. RIP Lenny.

Amazon-Lenny Breau CDs

Denny Breau and his mother got together for a concert in Maine, Link to full Lewiston Sun Journal story:


Lewiston, Maine Sun Journal, JULY-2, 2014 Legendary country singer Betty Cody dies at 92. A sad day for many fans and friends of Betty, she was a great friendly personalty always happy and warm. Denny Breau another great artist has been playing the Maine music scene for decades. I consider myself blessed having met these music people through the years. The Lord scores another concert star!




Check out Bill Maroldo's Pal Hop Days, an excellent production of Maine's garage bands of the 60s

Several Pal Hop Days YouTube clips, Lewiston, Maine in the late 60s.

Pal Hop Days


The (real) unreal old days when rock 'n roll was king!

In the mid 60s many dropped their work tools for musical instruments, the Beatles, etc. one of my want-a-be rock star bands was the "Liverpool Gas Company" because the Beatles came to America and I lived on the poor side of town, (Liverpool) not far from the Lewiston Gas Light Company in comparison. During those days there were a couple dozen bands around Central Maine many participating in the Pal Hop Days at the Lewiston City Hall Friday night concerts, conducted by the Lewiston Police Athletic League as a fund raiser for there programs and activities.


Jimi Hendrix photo by the late Paul Langelier, Lewiston, ME 1968,
I was there & saw Janis Joplin '68 with Big Brother and The Holding Company

Pal City Hall

PAL Hops originally designed for activities by the Police Athletic League as a non-profit group. Bands played for exposure, and/or $25.00 to
1,200 to 1,500 teenages paying $.50 for admission.


The Liverpool Gas Company band Lewiston, Maine
VOX Battle of the Bands
L-R Bill Poulin guitar, Mark Larlee lead guitar.


Our band promo materials needing printing to promote our bands
is what started me in the printing business.
We used to hand these out at our gigs, I remember once at Murray Hall there must have been 200 of our paper airplanes flying around the room.

Maine, The Liverpool Gas Company, Dingley's house


Liverpool Gas Company L-R Bill Poulin, Mark Larlee,
Duncan Webster, Duarte, under hood Kirk LaLemand on the ground.

During the 60s & 70s I worked with a local Maine promoter, Bobby Selberg, he was a mentor and he booked my group as the opening acts. I was in his office one day while James Brown counted his $10,000 in cash . . . many stories back then, followed Brown out to his LearJet.

The 70s were the end of Bobby's promotion days, he started in the 40 with the old big bands, Dorsey, Harry James, and Liberace at the Old Orchard Beach Pier, Portland Maine.,

Cyrkle rock band
Not much of a photo, think an old Kodak InstaMatic flash bulb! Bobby also booked this group. They had a couple hits, "Red Rubber Ball" and "Turn Down Day". Jimi Hendrix played the Lewiston Armory via the Bates College Student Union. Bobby wouldn't book Hendrix because he had the reputation of pushing for more money if show day was sold out. Business was rough in those days, rip-offs between all parties, bands, agents and promoters. Welcome Back my Friends, to the Show that Never Ends!


Gary & the King Bees at the Will-O-Green non-alcoholic teenage nightclub Auburn, Maine. L-R Duarte, Mike Poulin, Joni Giasson, John Sovetsky, Bob Fillion, Greg Day