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The Reason For Mankind’s Growing Problems!

The single most destructive trend in modern humanity . . . is the absence of truth and integrity. Today, a man’s truth of integrity is being replaced by “self serving opportunity” and not “moral character”.

Dialogues and debates over government politics / economics / business / education / religion / technology / entertainment / media / health care / legal & judicial systems are permeated with lies, half-truths, deceptions, misrepresentations and deceit.

It seems no president, king, queen, dictator, ambassador or corporate executive can reverse the growing trend of immoral and untruthful human behavior.  We can no longer expect to “trust but verify” until such time as mankind returns to a firm commitment to the inherent value of TRUTH.  Trust is impossible without TRUTH!

My hero and mentor as a child was a self-employed shoe cobbler who worked every day during and after the Great Depression - not Warren Buffett or Bill Gates.

Gary Duarte        

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America needs creative entrepreneurial visionary ideas and programs for our citizens to accomplish them. We need to re-invent entrepreneurialism, apprentice programs and industrial manufacturing. We have lost our "own" accountability and fiscal responsibility and these principles have spread throughout our local governments and nation wide. My experience of being in very small business, self-employed over half my life has provided me an insight that few people understand because "self employment" is a dying breed. Today, more people are "government employed" than any other time in history. The amounts, methods, and intricacies of “taxes and regulations” businesses face are incomprehensible and are responsible for the demise of thousands of small businesses, the lifeblood of American free enterprise.


Why are we talking about a “jobs policy” Jobs are not the precept to our economic recovery, it is small business and industrial manufacturing growth, SALES of business products and manufactured goods . . . private industry CREATES JOBS which have a growth potential! Jobs created by government stimulus jobs are simply exchanging your tax money with “other people”. The government does not conduct any functions which create a profit, they only DISTRIBUTE tax monies collected. It is only our free enterprise system that provides “profit” for growth and with every stroke of your government impeding business growth they are dooming any sustainable economic future. Jobs don’t create new business. It is business and manufacturing that stimulate home, industrial and road construction reversing this process is counterproductive.

 American citizens need to LEARN about many factions of the ENERGY industry. I launched the US Nuclear Energy Foundation in 2005 to educate average citizens about the far reaching benefits of clean carbon free nuclear energy. Stating the following in many documents I have generated, its criticality cannot be emphasized enough! “Energy is the DRIVER of all economies worldwide and no one can change that”! Once we accomplish getting Joe Citizen to understand this precept the directive of our mission is well on its way.

There is no single “massive” economic direction that America can pursue better than nuclear energy plant construction and completion of the Yucca Mountain Spent Nuclear Fuel Repository. Not only do these directives evoke heavy industrial manufacturing but they simultaneously evoke very high technology science and engineering that within themselves would serve to redirect the course structures throughout our university systems.

It has been my goal since the inception of the USNEF Foundation to educate and convince the average citizen nationwide that we the public, should drive our government to friendly consideration of nuclear development and the Yucca Mountain facility. As of today, Nevada is a “neutral” state in respect to regulations concerning nuclear construction; there are no Nevada laws on the books against nuclear plant construction. The concept of an “Energy Park” was presented by a member of our US Nuclear Energy Foundation by the late Joe Wetch in April, 2009. Joe was aggressively interested in advancing public knowledge about nuclear energy. Details of his presentation are available as slides on the the USNEF website . From another member Dr. Ted Rockwell recently sent a memo that today, after the past 20 years of nuclear plant amortizations in Europe, the plants are generating two million dollars daily in net profits and NOW governments want to hit them with “windfall profits taxes”!

Much more detail is available to further this awareness on my NUCLEAR tab and the ENERGY tab.

Press On
 Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence!

l Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent.

l Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.

l Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts.

l Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.

The slogan "press on" has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.

Calvin Coolidge