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Upon retiring in 2006 I established the
US Nuclear Energy Foundation a 501 (c)(3) Non Profit
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A Nuclear Economy for Nevada

U. S. Energy independence will become a major campaign issue in 2012, Nevada has the capacity to establish a nuclear economy.

The US Nuclear Energy Foundation was established in December 2005 for the purpose of advocating new nuclear energy development in the U. S. For the past five years its long term mission is to mobilize citizens in Nevada, and across the nation to drive government, media and the nation’s business community to design build and construct new 3rd and 4th generation nuclear power reactors and spent fuel reprocessing technology throughout America.  

U. S. Senator Lamar Alexander, (R) TN . . . July 13th, 2009 UNVEILS BLUEPRINT FOR 100 NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS IN 20 YEARS In Support of GOP “Low-cost Clean Energy Plan” to Create Jobs, Lower Utility Bills and Reduce Global Warming.

Gary J. Duarte, Director, US Nuclear Energy Foundation and Advisor board member, Ike Eichbaum took their presentation “A Primer on Nuclear Energy” to Ely Nevada on September 21, 2009. This began a nuclear advocacy focus to small Nevada communities which continued through 2009 and continues in 2010.

Ely officials and its business community seemed openly receptive to our presentation with an interest in nuclear plants these “basics” include an open dialogue on the following: The key issues for potential western remote areas for nuclear development are: a) water: a minimum of 25,000 acre feet per year, b) Seismically stable, c) Access and demand for electricity, d) Social, cultural and industrial infrastructure, e) Land area: 500-1000 reasonably priced acres, not adjacent to an airport, school or historically impacted-important, or environmentally sensitive areas. These basics are applicable to Nevada, Utah, Idaho and Arizona several western states are now looking at nuclear energy.

In addition to Ely officials attending the presentation, Senatorial candidate Bill Parson came up from Moapa, Nevada and Kevin Kirkeby representative from Senator John Ensigns Carson City office was also present for the presentation. Nevada Senator Harry Reid opponents Dr. Robin Titus, Bill Parsons, Chuck Kozak and Mike Wiley have all responded in favor of nuclear energy and assessing spent nuclear fuel reprocessing technology.

A current update on the Ely talks: January 8, 2010: Kent Harper Ely Times Editor / Ely, Water will continue to be big issue in 2010

. . . In this article Ely Mayor Mr. Jon Hickman stated; "We're looking into nuclear (power)," . . . "We've put together a small committee: we're going to meet later this month." Hickman said the committee won't act without public support.

"I think what we're going to end up doing, is holding a public forum . . . and get the idea of the feeling of the community. It's a fact-finding type thing. "We have an interest in UniStar, that's the company building nuclear plants." If a plant were to be constructed in northern Steptoe Valley, the company would have to rebuild the railroad to bring in the equipment.

"We don't need the power; the county gets the (tax revenue) money. We just get the jobs and the railroad," he said.
But pursuing a nuclear power plant does not mean the mothballed coal-fired plants are totally off the table. Hickman said those are awaiting a change in politics and the economy. That could happen, he notes, but the city is encouraging other routes. He says he has spoken with Gov. Jim Gibbons and Sens. John Ensign and Harry Reid. "All three told me they support nuclear power and would agree to a plant being located here. "Reid said in front of a bunch of mayors - in a telephone conference call - that he's for nuclear power, but doesn't want Yucca Mountain to be used," Hickman added. "The same thing Ensign and Gibbons said: they don't want to use Yucca Mountain."

Since our Ely presentation we have also been to Smith Valley and Carson City with our “Primer on Nuclear Energy”. Interestingly we are finding that Nevada’s rural communities are open to nuclear energy talks and reassessment of Yucca Mountain and reprocessing technology. These topics should be assessed hand in hand as a future development.

Nevada needs 21st century high technology commerce development more than any other economic recovery segment. Nevada is lacking in technology diversification compared to other similar states and Nevada representatives and citizens should be urged to encourage this development. Nuclear energy is NOT subject to unreliable weather or climate conditions or insufficient supplies of natural resources.  It is our nation’s largest expandable source of electricity that will meet clean air requirements by controlling emissions of greenhouse gases and is has a 94% output capacity 24/7 (unless refueling) for 60 years.

Although we support renewable energy sources the facts, no matter how much wind and solar installations we build, the optimum capacity output for wind is 30.4% and solar, 19.8%. (U.S. Energy Information Administration) Renewable “production and construction” costs remain high we need much further research to bring renewable into competitive costs with current energy sources, (research & engineering but not handouts). 1,000 MW of wind = 3,000 turbines, 40 to 70 sq. miles of land area. (How much does 40 square miles of land cost?) Solar Photovoltaic, 40 Sq. miles. In dense eastern communities t legal issues will continue to grow in respect to the opposition of footprint sizes of renewable energy. In the west, remote areas are suitable but will still face tremendous infrastructure costs with respect to the construction of transmission lines from the remote collection areas to the metropolitan customer, distance like shipping adds cost to a product.

In past years the Department of Energy and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission had been moving towards a new nuclear energy renaissance with an effort of bringing U. S. energy production back to the USA. The current administration has been reversing this direction based on its interest in renewable initiatives. A number of nuclear industry groups and associations have been encouraging the administration to put nuclear development into the national energy policy initiative and not only renewable sources. For over 40 years our 104 nuclear plants (20%) of our electrical energy has proven its cost effective safe operation (Nearly 100% carbon free) and should be advocated as a major portion of our energy future as proposed by Senator Lamar Alexander.

Nevada’s delegation in Washington today, claim to be making Nevada a renewable energy state. For nearly the past 30 years Nevada has been purchasing 50 to 60% of its energy out of state. Sources, natural gas-68%, coal-21%, hydro-6%, all renewable-4%. (We might want to note here that natural gas as with oil is subject to volatile price fluctuations). Nevada is 17th at the highest energy costs in the country. With the sun shining for the past 30+ years all renewable in Nevada are still total only 4%. These are Nevada numbers but we believe that every state in the union should have an energy program where “your state” can provide up to 70% of “your own” energy. This is how our country and our states will regain energy security and energy economic independence.

Gary J. Duarte, Director

US Nuclear Energy Foundation