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Mortgage Dissertation
Gary J. Duarte

 Eventually this is going to be a very extensive dissertation about our individual mission and
the entire banking mortgage industry as it affects the country and mankind’s moral ethics.


The nationwide mortgage crash has affected some geographical areas particularly and in the U.S. Nevada on several occasions placed number ONE in the country. We as millions of others rode this perfect storm from 2007 to 2012 when we finally decided to challenge our mortgage contracts. Much of the country were able to suffer through a 10 to 30% mortgage loss but Nevada and a couple other states were hit with a 50 to 60% crash, so trying to “hang tough” became a much more critical economic factor. This was not an easy decision knowing the personal damage that the “system” would unleash on us. When we began our credit rating was 778 and 793 respectively, our personal reputation, moral responsibilities and general character was assaulted by the industry favoring their mortgage legal system. There have been many discussions about this government managed economic crisis. The majority of lay citizens do not possess the capacity to challenge these circumstances and unfortunately many were financially ruined by the system.

It is important to understand at the outset that it was the financial industry that brought themselves to bankruptcy not their mortgage customers. From 2000 to 2007 the industry executives “took” a “trillion dollars” in “bonus funds” from the illicit mortgage structure “They” inflated the “system to an unrealistic value” in order to extract “unearned income” from the public. They were deceptive, unethical, immoral and fraudulent with “their practices” as even evidenced by government litigation towards every one of those institutions. Not counting the government’s own irresponsible actions. This is not to say that some percentage of the public mortgage criteria were never capable of satisfying their mortgage debt. As this discussion progresses I will cover several aspects of this mortgage event as it has affected national environments as well as detail of our specific mortgage agreements.



The unfortunate thing about most of the U.S. mortgage meltdown is that most of the grassroots public were unable to access qualified legal guidance to battle the banking industry and the legal thunder it carried.