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Gun Control:

GUN CONTROL VS PEOPLE CONTROL: Which is the CAUSE of crime? People stupid! It is astounding that so many people involved in government and media are stupid, illogical and lacking of common sense. Guns are controlled by people it is PEOPLE who abuse the weapon. Why are the PEOPLE flipping out? Normal population growth increases the number of unstable PEOPLE. The media-entertainment’s embrace of violent “entertainment” can’t be discounted when we think that it is so important in education for “encouragement”. Our media is not “influential and encouraging” to its audience? A gun is simply a tool. The stability of humanity caused by humanity is the reason that inhumane crime may be out of control!

In the past years our public security authorities have learned that in order to challenge our new criminals they have had to “upgrade” their defensive and offensive weapons. Here logic would suggest that safety can only be assured by an equal amount of defense. The answer will never be to disarm society because society will never be able to disarm criminals. The resolution is to allow defenseless people do defend themselves for their own self-defense. Don’t we learn the urgency of society armament when we watch a “government” slaughter its society with unmatchable force? When governments overregulate like they always do and society’s political rights fail, the inevitability of conflict grows. There were times when a rock, an arrow, a musket and a hunting gun were defensive tools. Today, they are not a match to an offensive force. If government believes that our American defense system should provide the best in the world, why would we not allow the same for its citizens?

EVERYBODY seems to have missed this! As population expands and ill people expand with it, a number of “defense availability school volunteers” would make the difference. Teachers could be trained and retired people like you and I could “volunteer” one day a week or a half day each. The “presence” of defense would help greatly. And then the CRITICAL safety point a powerful tranquilizer gun could take a perpetrator out in 30 seconds instead of 10 minutes. If a perpetrator overtakes a volunteer with a tranquilizer gun he would only put his target to sleep. We need to “encourage” volunteerism not more government employees, they will have another excuse to add more “security experts” to the system and the financial deficit for its funding will be directed to the public. This is a logical SOLUTION with minimal danger it proves no need for a weapons ban. It proves the need for common sense.


DUARTE: believes government’s “job” is to secure our rights as outlined by our Founders.  Bigger government requires bigger taxes, waste and encroaches on our liberty. 

DUARTE: opposes bailouts, stimulus packages and the auto industry takeover. Common sense would tell us If YOUR government can’t run Social Security and the post office and most everything else why would we expect them to manage the auto industry? Just like the FEDs Nevada government has shown us how they manage our economy . . . They overspent it!

DUARTE: supports increased domestic energy, nuclear energy production and opposes Cap & Trade energy tax schemes. Energy taxes do nothing but drive UP the cost of energy. Renewables, as much as we would like to dream would WORK, simply are NOT cost competitive or productive. They need to remain in the research labs and we need to “build” low cost carbon free nuclear power stations.

DUARTE: stands for family values, truth, moral convictions and fiscal accountability. Many governmental services are provided to people who are not accountable for their own bad decisions. They cannot expect a bailout by taxpayers anymore than the banking system, or any other corporation.

DUARTE:  borders are established by countries for the purpose of protecting the sanctity of our land and its citizens. It is vital to the security of our country. Secure borders should be championed by all of our citizens.  I do not favor amnesty, it would be unfair to our citizens who attained their citizenship legally and an insult to them if we allowed amnesty. My statement is a method by which more responsibility should be put on naturalized Hispanic citizens to get involved in the legal process of citizenship of their illegal population by officially registering them as illegal aliens. A logistical solution will need extensive discussion but this would be my introductory proposal.

DUARTE: our Constitutional rights and the understanding of them, should be the “right of  passage” for any citizen serving an elected governmental position in our country.