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Welcome to our discussion and consideration about the attributes of Belize Central America. I added this sub-website onto my personal website to provide a focused group of pages about this small country its interest in tourism, agriculture and American retirees or those considering a vacation - rental property investment. The country is interested in the potential of American small business growth that would assist in education and employment of the Belizean public.

This site will grow as we add country content, business content and duel citizenship retirement information. I remain extremely busy with my other projects not considering my age as a deterent to full speed ahead. I define almost everything I do as a PROJECT.

I have started several entrepreneural projects through out my years. My favorite business card title is: Unemployed Entrepreneural Visionary. Facing reality, or attempting to, you cannot be a visionary if you are employed.

BELIZE 2nd tour SEP 1 through 14, 2015

I am planning a second visit the first two weeks of SEP 2015 what I call a Vacation-Reconnaissance Tour. My 2013 report and NEW 2015 Cover Letter is now posted on the BZ REPORT tab above.

You are welcome to review this information. 2015 is my second Belize tour project and as my research has expanded my interest is has as well and I am considering developing ongoing Vacation - Reconnaissance tours, as and if the interest grows.