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An Independent Constitutional Party 

On a few occasions I have stated that I believe the only method that will correct the U.S. Governments Democrats, Republicans, Liberal, Conservative establishments will be a large well organized third party to the dismay of everyone. I stand behind this statement based on several election cycles and 70 years of watching the game players changing the rules. Both controlling parties oppose this as they would have you believe that a third entity would be a “spoiler” party. Yet, our entire system of the voting process is based on a tie-breaker. My call for an Independent Constitutional Party would be an invitation comprised of members from Libertarians, some 10 different “Independent Party” factions, all Tea Party factions, Democrats, Republicans and those grassroots citizens with logic, common sense and deductive reasoning interested in re-directing our country via its Constitutional directive.

Many Americans are arriving at a complete dissatisfaction with Washington bureaucrats represented by all of the above. The problem being, there is nowhere else to go unless it is built once again from the grassroots up. I am a supporter of our original forefathers and their authoring of our Constitution, its alignment with Christianity and support of Natural Law. We should also respect the fact that our Constitution has been a foundation for many new free societies throughout the world so its principals have paved its own track record for human freedom.

A group has developed an excellent operational premise called the Contract from America. It consists of ten philosophical statements to challenge government to uphold Constitutional principles in their mission to advocate on behalf of individual liberty, limited government, and economic freedom. Three major portions of our Constitution. America must return to this document to recover our freedom, course correct Washington D.C. and return many of governments overwhelming functions to individual states. See at:

We should understand that the purpose of such a political movement is not to spoil or pick winners and losers, but to drive all of them to re-applying our Constitution regardless of their party. This can only be done from a third party outside of the establishment which can wield the collective influence to effect such change. This process would undoubtedly change the makeup of the candidates “those parties” bring to the table, improving the quality of all candidates. At the same time if an Independent Constitutional Party can put forth a candidate meeting the majority of the ten point operational premise of Constitutional directive then we open the possibility to the public that grassroots citizens can provide a voice. There has never been a fully organized Independent initiative and nothing has proven its need more than the past 40 years of America’s misdirection and political gridlock.

It is expected that all parties and organizations will oppose this drastic recommendation. However, a re-structuring of our government cannot come from within, nor will any “split party” of either faction regroup with a unified operating platform. This recommendation is a “resolution revolution” that would forever “affect” our two party America’s return to guidance by our Constitution.

An Independent ability to influence direction, challenge both parties to field better candidates and establish a clearing house for truth in government, business, regulation and society.

Divide and conquer Latin, can also refer to: Divide and rule, in politics, sociology and economics, a strategy to gain or maintain power to make change.

The campaign motto in 1974 of Maine Independent Governor, the late James B. Longley, Think About It!