How our immigration system has disproportionately diluted our educated voting public?

The quality of our voting public is very important to the character and quality of our elected officials.
Today, our candidates are no longer qualified, vetted representatives.

I will open this discussion by challenging our changing time in the dictionary and our encyclopedias. When I was a child 65 years ago, liberal meant that I liked a lot of butter on my mashed potatoes. Conservative meant, I must eliminate salt on my potatoes for health reasons. Actually, the suggestion of being conservative was recommended in the Bible as doing everything in moderation, not overly excessive with anything, live within your means, and not beyond your means so that you are not beholding to others. American freedom is based on a free enterprise economic system giving people the right to establish, run and grow their own independent business for the livelihood of his family. This is the basics of what free enterprise is, and intended to be the cornerstone of human freedom.



The Green New Deal: Doubling Down on Past Mistakes
By Ron Knecht – Carson City NV – FEB, 2019
Ron Knecht has served Nevada as state controller, a higher education regent, legislator and economist.

A look at the NEW GREEN DEAL Ron Knecht

Why-Green-New-Deal'-Has-Washington-a-Lather DUARTE


My comment on a biased article written about Bill Gates going to Congress seeking to revive nuclear power

Gates Revive Nuclear Power