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Check out Bill Maroldo's Pal Hop Days, an excellent production of Maine's garage bands of the 60s!

Nothing has ever moved me as much in the music world as seeing and hearing LENNY BREAU playing his custom made 7 string jazz guitar.
For anyone who has never heard of him Amazon carries several of his CD albums.

Amazon-Lenny Breau

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The (real) unreal old days when rock 'n roll was king!
In the mid 60s many dropped their work tools for musical instruments, the Beatles, etc. one of my want-a-be rock star bands was the "Liverpool Gas Company"
because the Beatles came to America and I lived on the poor side of town, (Liverpool) not far from the Lewiston Gas Light Company in comparison.

Jimi Hendrix photo by the late Paul Langelier, Lewiston, ME 1968, I was there & saw Janis Joplin '68 with
Big Brother and The Holding Company

PAL Hop Originally designed for teenage activities by the Lewiston Police Athletic League as a non-profit. Bands played for exposure, and/or $25.00 to 1,000 teenagers paying .50 for admission.

The Liverpool Gas Company band Lewiston, ME VOX Battle of the Bands
L-R Bill Poulin guitar, Mark Larlee lead guitar,
Duncan Webster bass, Gary Duarte Drums

Our band promo materials Needing printing to promote our bands is what
started me into the printing business. We used to hand these out at our gigs, I remember once a Murray Hall there must have been 200 or our paper airplanes flying around the room.

VOX Lewiston, ME
VOX battle of the bands Liverpool Gas Company comes in 3rd.

Gary & the King Bees at the Will-O-Green non-alcoholic teenage nightclub Auburn, Maine. L-R Duarte, Mike Poulin, Joni Giasson, John Sovetsky, Bob Fillion, Greg Day

Liverpool Gas Company L-R Bill Poulin, Mark Larlee, Duncan Webster, Duarte, Kirk LaLemand

2011 Maine visit July vacation in Maine & NH, L-R Bill Moraldo, Eddie Boucher, Roger Renaud, Gary Duarte

Dick Demers was my drum teacher, I only got in about six months, never could study enough to sight read too hyper active.

Lewiston Gas Light Co: The Portland Company was incorporated in 1846 and is still in operation on Portland, Maine's waterfront. As the need arose, the Portland Company adjusted its production from steam locomotives to steamship engines to paper company equipment to present day atomic energy plants. This factory in Lewiston, Maine was built with the Portland Company's assistance.The purpose of the Lewiston facility was to manufacture, cleanse and pipe coal gas throughout Lewiston for street lighting and cooking. Only the 1908 Meter House remains. Now owned by Northeast Utilities.

The King Bees
was before the Liverpool Gas Company

Warm up Bands We as many other groups at the time strived to get exposure by being the "opening act" for the "Name Bands" going through their concert tours. So, our group WARMED UP for, The Young Rascals, The Dave Clark Five, The Cyrkle













Over the years I've made an effort to "see" a few people who were of interest to me, these are some of them.
Just some interesting characters aside from myself!

Revere America Rally Reno NV

Gary Duarte snags a photo with former NY Governor
George Pataki

Revere America Rally Reno NV
Busy in handout season
with our mini table and US Nuclear Energy Foundation

Revere America Rally Reno NV
2010 April-19 former NY
Governor George Patak

Warren Buffett In a 2006 visit to Reno to open an RC Willey's Mr. Buffett did just that. My attempt to interest him in my US Nuclear Energy program "Bringing Science to Citizens" was not successful. It's a very difficult task to advocate a cause that has been misrepresented by the media for 50 years, I was hoping Mr. Buffett wasn't fooled by them. Oh well!

General Tommy Franks on a political visit to Reno. A self-made individual with an extremely strong military career. Unfortunately, today, political positioning and public opinion are reducing our nations ability to influence the world toward a positive democratic free enterprise system!

This gentleman is not a popularly recognized face but he lead a very interesting life and one which was ultimately made into the movie "Catch Me If You Can". Frank Abagnale at 16 attacked the world as one of the foremost counterfeit forgers. After turning his life around, he is mostly proud of having become an expert at providing counterfeit security and a + 25 year marriage and counting with 4-sons!

He consulted for the government and many private companies, returning all of the funds he had embezzled.

Richard Viguerie:

Viguerie transformed American politics in the 1960s and ’70s by pioneering the use of direct mail fundraising in the political and ideological spheres. He used computerized direct mail fundraising to help build the conservative movement, which then elected Ronald Reagan as the first conservative president of the modern era.

Duncan Hunter 2007 Presidential candidate, US Representative from San Diego California, carries a strong conservative position and family values.

Presidential candidate US Senator John McCain Arizona. The most pro-nuclear development and Yucca Mountain supporter of all presidential candidates.

Mitt Romney on the campaign trail in 2007 and 2008 I asked several of the political runners about their position on nuclear energy development. Mitt, yes we need it.

Jon Voight on the campaign trail for John McCain also took my question about his stance on nuclear energy.

Jon Voight on the campaign trail for John McCain also took my question about his stance on nuclear energy.



Bruins Coach Don Cherry GJD 1979 Portland, ME Scarborough Downs, signing

Bruins Terry O'Rielly 1979 Portland, ME Scarborough Downs, signing

Bruins Terry O'Rielly 1979 Portland, ME Scarborough Downs, signing


Ken Hodge NY Rangers Host Bruins at Madison SQ_Garden NYC Oct-1976

Ken Hodge NY Rangers Host Bruins at Madison SQ_Garden NYC Oct-1976